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7 Secrets to Cash Flow Management


Time:09:30 - 12:30

Topic:Business Support

Contact:Emma Anderson

Telephone:01905 845306


Location:Zoom Link to be forwarded on booking

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An interactive presentation & workshop exploring the key challenges around managing cashflow and business finances following the impact of Covid-19, delivered by the accounting and tax specialists at Perrigo Consulting Ltd.


The event will guide you through the key areas below demonstrating tools and actions for better financial management. Fully facilitated breakout sessions provide the opportunity to discuss issues, ask questions and share experiences with the experts and your peers;


What is cash flow management? - the importance of forecasting for financial decision making. Why it is possible to be profitable yet also run out of cash.


The cash conversion cycle and the 7 financial levers - price, volume, cost of goods sold, operating expenses, accounts receivable, stock and accounts payable. How they may accelerate/improve cash and retained profits.


Cashflow forecasting - using a cash flow forecasting tool to show the impact of each of the 7 financial levers. This tool will be available for each attendee to use within their own business.


Completing a cash flow forecast - analysing cash flow, its benefits and limitations including reference to Xero, Fluidly and Spotlight.


A range of resources will be made available to attendees to access and use beyond the workshop.