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Embedding Sustainability in your Organisation - WCC & The Lion Hotel


Time:10:00 - 11:00

Topic:Clean Growth

Contact:Paul Retallick



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How do we as organisations adapt and thrive in a world in which the need for adopting sustainable practices is more important than ever?

We will talk about how all of us can put methods in place to ensure our organisations can adopt sustainable policies to allow us to both endure and thrive.

Our talk will offer a view of sustainability from a small business which has thrived by adopting more sustainable methods and ways in which others can do the same.


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The Lion Hotel

The Lion Hotel has been established in the heart of Kidderminster for several decades. Over the past 25 years, we have transformed ourselves from a small hotel to becoming the district’s largest emergency accommodation provider for homeless and vulnerable people, irrespective of circumstances.

Through innovation & partnerships with local charities and services, we are constantly exploring new ways to provide the best service we can to those most at need in our community.

We often act as the first step out of homelessness and provide a tailored service to individuals who have diverse and complex needs. We are proud to have been able to accommodate thousands of people over several decades and hope to continue to do so for years to come.





Harry Murdoch Bio:

Harry Murdoch has served as the General Manager of The Lion Hotel since 2021. During this time, he has overseen large scale renovations to help modernise the hotel and provide a more tailored service. He has also worked collaboratively, building close partnerships with local services and authorities to come up with new ways to help the homeless community.

This has included:

- Providing rough sleepers with somewhere warm to stay when temperatures drop below freezing.

- Ensuring homeless people have access to vaccinations during the pandemic by providing them with accommodation.

- Piloting the Wyre Forest “No First Night Out” scheme which saw 63 people accommodated in its first 6 months.

Harry has a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Liverpool with practical experience in clinical cancer biology. During the pandemic there was not a single case of Covid 19 in the Lion Hotel. Harry's valuable experience during his degree enabled him to provide expertise in protecting his residents and staff, despite remaining at near to full capacity throughout.


Away from work, he has a keen interest in travelling and experiencing different cultures. Harry travelled by himself around the world in 120 days at the age of 19.