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Workshops to Build your Business 1 - To Buy or Not to Buy? That is Your Customer's Question.


Time:09:30 - 12:30

Topic:Business Support

Contact:Satya Nicholas



Location:Kidderminster Library, DY101AB

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Buying products and services is something we all do. But, we do it so quickly we don’t have the time to ask: “why did I buy that?” The answer is fascinating, because every person, on the planet, uses exactly the same process for choosing their products and services.


In this exclusive presentation, Peter the Speaker, a winner from TV’s Dragons’ Den, will reveal the reasons why your customers buy your products and services and, perhaps more importantly, why they don’t. With this knowledge, see if you can identify the most popular product in our group activity.


You’ll leave this insightful and engaging session understanding why a product or service is valuable and can then use this knowledge when developing your business.


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Kidderminster Library